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We tow most areas in Southern California. We do jump starts, lock outs, and tire changes on cars and light duty trucks. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

We are a small company, we have 2 medium duty flat bed tow trucks with wheel lifts.

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  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Emergency Towing
  • Roadside Assistance

Rialto Towing Company: Coming to Your Rescue

If you drive, it’s very likely that you’ll need the services of a professional Rialto Towing Company at some time in your life. Vehicle break downs and accidents are just part of the risk we take when we drive. The truth is vehicle failure can happen at any time and for a number of different reasons. If a car is not maintained well, is more than five to ten years old, or is constantly subjected to harsh treatment, it is liable to break down at any time.

Some vehicles perform badly in weather that is excessively hot or too cold, while others have faulty internal wiring that causes them to malfunction. Most late model cars and trucks have onboard computers which can alert the driver to internal problems and then shut the vehicle down until repairs are done. In instances such as these, your local Rialto Towing Company is more than happy to provide vehicle towing services. And keep in mind that this applies to truck towing as well as car towing.

Heavy rains and snowfall account for a good deal of the Rialto Towing Company business, as trucks are called out to rescue people who have slid into ditches, mailboxes, fences, and even other drivers. In some cases these are true emergencies and medical personnel are summoned to the scene, but most of the time it's a case of a shaken driver and dangerous road conditions. If the conditions are too harsh for the tow truck to come out or they have no trucks to spare, your Rialto Towing Company may choose to call emergency personnel instead, making sure you are safe and taken care of while they get some

Rialto Towing Company: For those Minor Breakdowns

Running out of gas doesn't happen too often since most late model cars have a sensor that will alert the driver when fuel is low in the tank. Most drivers try to correct the problem as soon as possible. But it is possible for a driver to get caught too far from a gas station and end up with an empty tan Sometimes a Rialto Towing Company will offer to deliver gas to a stranded driver, if they're near enough; otherwise, vehicle towing is the most common solution.

Often the Rialto Towing Company truck driver is also a mechanic (or at least to some extent). If you come out of the mall and find that your car won't start due to a dead battery, he'll get you started. You’ll most likely have to pay for the trip out but as long as he can get your car running you won’t have to pay for vehicle towing service. If he can't get your vehicle started, he'll drive you home and you can have you car dropped off there or taken to either a garage that he is affiliated with or to the garage of your choice. If you have road side assistance, like AAA (American Auto Assoc.) or through your auto insurance coverage, vehicle towing is covered up to a certain amount.

Rialto Towing Company: Trailer Towing

Many towing companies also provide flatbed or lowboy trailer towing. Towing a vehicle with a chain or hoist is not always good for the vehicle. Trailer towing is a going to be a lot easier on your car or truck. The vehicle can be easily loaded with use of ramps and a winch since the trailer sets low to the ground.

Trailer towing is also used for hauling construction equipment from one site to another, disabled buses, forklifts, farm machinery and even aircraft. When a tractor trailer becomes disabled, using a trailer for truck towing may be the best option. If you own a small excavation service, why maintain your own trailer with the added vehicle registration and insurance when a Rialto Towing Company can provide trailer towing whenever you need it and at reasonable

Rialto Towing Company: Property Owner Services

If you own a business, a Rialto Towing Company can provide tow away services for your parking areas. In some locations where it’s difficult to find parking, drivers often park illegally in privately owned parking lots that are reserved solely for the use of a company or apartment parking. This can create parking problems for the intended users. A Rialto Towing Company can help solve this by towing illegally parked vehicles from your property and most often this service is free to the business owner.

The Rialto Towing Company will provide you with state certified tow away signs informing drivers that they are parking on private property and that unauthorized vehicles will be towed away. This allows you, the property owner or manager to call and request towing of illegally parked vehicles any time day or night. A tow truck will be sent to the location and the car will be removed. The driver will thoroughly document the event, leave a copy with you and report the incident to the local police as well. The signs have the added benefit of providing your customers or tenants with an emergency phone number if they ever find themselves in need of a towing service.

Rialto Towing Company: Setting up a Patrol Service

Property owners can also set up a schedule for patrolling their property. The Rialto Towing Company doesn't actually have a driver sitting on the property like a security company but they have their driver monitor the lot with periodic check-ins throughout the patrol time period.

If any driver spots a violation of the posted parking rules or local laws, they radio the Rialto Towing Company supervisor assigned to the site. Based on their knowledge of the local parking laws, the Rialto Towing Company supervisor can determine whether or not the vehicle needs to be towed. There are many laws and regulations involved around vehicle towing, so hiring knowledgeable staff is a must. You don't want to be held responsible for any car towing and damage related lawsuits. Once the vehicle is towed it then becomes the vehicle owner's responsibility to contact the impound lot used by the Rialto Towing Company.

Whether you're an individual who needs a tow from the scene of a fender-bender, or a business owner in need of someone to patrol your lot, there’s always a Rialto Towing Company to help you out. From car towing and truck towing to trailer towing, they’ll be there with reliable towing service.

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